Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking Up Arms

A few days ago I received news that one of my college roommates has cancer. The prognosis that she relayed, if immediately undergoing chemotherapy, is good. This news rocked my world. It totally changed my perspective on the trials in my life that now seem so trivial, so petty. I think the biggest thing that shook me was the knowledge that her life will never be the same, never the way she planned.

How often does our life plan get shifted? How do we respond?

Meg, my friend, is literally fighting for her life. The doctors tell her that her chances of winning the battle and coming out on the other side cancer-free are good.

Spiritually, we are all fighting for our life. Some rest in the deceptive self-assurance that they know all the moves the enemy is making and they will be okay. Some, unknowingly, trust in unreliable leaders to pull them through, successfully.

I trust in a God who has already won the war and, today, declares me victorious. I don't have to fight for my life, Jesus did that for me.

My prayer is that Meg comes to know that her fight has already been fought and that she can rest in victory. In the end, everything else really is...irrelevant. Even cancer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

twenty seven

Tomorrow I will turn 27 years old. Twenty-seven. 20 + 7. 30 - 3.

When I was in high school one of my best friends had two older cousins who lived in New York City. They are incredibly brilliant girls; strong-minded, independent, working professionals, fashionistas, beautiful, non-profit founders, and happy. The two sisters always smiled. The oldest was 27 and worked for an art magazine that featured up-and-coming New York artists who specialized in a variety of media.

I can remember envisioning myself being 27 and being like the cousins; writing for a major magazine, owning a rent-controlled studio apartment in Manhattan, independent, beautiful, and happy.

My life today is not how I imagined it to be when I was 16 and enamored by those before me. Part of me still desires to write for a major magazine because that is what I love to do. Part of me still desires a rent-controlled studio apartment in Manhattan because that life is full of adventure. In my own way, I am still independent. However, I am recognizing the blessing of a fabulous husband and the support he brings to my life. There is freedom I am granted by letting go and letting him. He makes me feel beautiful. And last, but so first, I am happy. I am redeemed, restored and loved.

Come on 27, I'm ready.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sweet Sounds

While studying abroad in London (2006) I met up with an old friend of mine-an English lad (I felt compelled to use "lad" at some point during this post, so there it is). I hadn't seen him in years, so we caught up a bit and before we parted he handed me a cd featuring some songs of his brother's band. I'm no music expert, but I quickly fell in love with the band's sound.

It's been, literally, years since I've listened to Flight Brigade but I stumbled upon this video of the band and thought I'd share. 

Internet, meet Flight Brigade.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Please don't shrink

I shrink shirts. I am domestically challenged in so many ways. The most frustrating, perhaps, is laundry, for the following reason.

Newly wed and underpaid results in a tight budget. Therefore, I rarely buy new clothes. When I do, however, I am incredibly meticulous in figuring how each item will fit into my wardrobe and I attempt to calculate the practicality of every thread. A lot of thought is required before I commit to a purchase.

While in New York, Chad and I committed to several purchases at H&M.  I just shrunk two of mine. Grrr!

I awakened with uncommon Saturday morning energy and pounced on the overflowing hamper early. When I returned to the laundry nook after dusting I made my discovery. Shirts that look they were designed for five year olds. Grrr again!

So, I took my coffee and retreated back to bed with my laptop, complete with a Sarah Bareilles Pandora station, and here I am venting via keyboard with my pup at my feet. I think I'll stay here for a little enjoying my caffeine and peace before I go to tackle the rest of the house and put my laundry blunder behind me.

Here's to a new year filled with new beginnings and, hopefully, successful new loads of laundry.

Thanks for reading...much love...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Cliche or not, a new year calls for a new blog post. I hope you all enjoyed family, laughter and peace of the holidays. I most certainly did.

Chad and I lugged our sweet dog, luggage and gifts from Charlotte to New York to spend a week with my family. We made a pre-destination pitstop in the big apple to visit a college roommate of mine in Queens. Together we enjoyed dinner, desserts and escapades throughout festive Manhattan. I adored spending time with Cassie. We laughed just as easily as we did when we lived together.

Christmas in upstate New York was so great! I realized how truly blessed I am to have a loving, encouraging and giving family. Perhaps my favorite part of my time at "home" was sharing most of it with my older sister. Stacey and I seem to be the closer now than we have ever been. She is an incredible mother and watching her love on her two munchkins just about melted my heart.

After two glorious weeks off, my routine has returned. Here's to a new year filled with many blessed opportunities!

All my love...