Sunday, January 27, 2013

twenty | eight

A little over a week ago I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday. It really was a special day. I didn't want any big pomp and circumstance, just a quiet, fancy dinner complete with dessert. I was delighted to get just that; although I had some trouble making it all the way to our banana cream pie dessert. Dinner was too amazing! 

With some birthday money and left over Christmas gift cards (the perks of two close holidays, yes-a birthday is my own personal holiday), I completed my loft chair set and purchased some curtains for the downstairs "living room space". The two chairs are the "Erin Cute-as-a-Button" chairs from World Market. The neutral color tones down the turquoise-yes, turquoise-walls. I love the variety in button colors too. 

Our downstairs is one big open space: kitchen to dining area to living room area. We intentionally looked for this type of space when buying a home, so we very much enjoy it. However, it isn't without some difficulties too. Color schemes and decor need to be planned with all areas in mind; does "this" go with the kitchen? dining room? loft? I'm not perfect in executing this unified scheme, but I aim for some fluidity. All that was a prelude into the curtains I bought with the intention to hang in front of our sliding glass doors which lead to our backyard. Silly me, I didn't measure, and they were too short-grrr! But, I'm mailing them to my mother (aka sewing master) to use the fabric for valences in the "living room space". Whew-crisis averted! 

Here are the curtains (Yarrow, by World Market):

 Okay, twenty-eight, what's in store?

*all photos from World Market website*

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Waiting Game

I like to get places quickly. My husband can attest to this. In the car, as he drives, I often solicit a faster past in efforts to get there-wherever that is-sooner. Sometimes I try to fight the urge, but my suppressed desire for swiftness is hard to mask. 

It is safe to say that I sometimes tend to forget joy is not exclusively found in the destination, but also in the journey. So far, in this first week of 2013, the Lord is teaching me patience. Like my husband, I've asked God to get me there sooner. He knows my heart, yet some things are better left to God's timing. The Bible shows us this. It is this resolve that brings peace. 

That is not an easy pill to swallow. I am learning that when there is no where to look but the still scenery that surrounds you, I should look to Christ. 

So when my face deceives my struggle to fight the pleading words, "Move faster, Lord!" you have my permission to tell me to wait. 

Photo by Josh Haner / The New York Times

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

As you can see, we rang in the new year with friends, family, savoring the ball drop, a sip of champagne, and dancing to "New York, New York". 

Wishing you the best to come.