Sunday, January 12, 2014


In less than a week I will turn 29 years old. 30 has always felt far, far away. It's not. I may still feel like I'm 22 years old, but there's no denying-no matter how many adult responsibilities I pass along to Chad (oil changes, budget balancing, taxes, mortgage, to name a few)-I'm a full-fledged adult 

Blame it on getting older or recently entering motherhood, but I now have a desire to say "yes" to any dream and opportunity that presents itself before doubt creeps in and talks me out of it. Don't get me wrong, I still strive to maintain boundaries and deliver strong "no"s to things that take without giving back or may infringe too much on family time. Rather I will say "yes" to taking chances on things that may make me uncomfortable but ultimately bring along the promise of a more enriching life.


Saying "yes" has allowed me to forget about the spit up on my shirt, jeans that don't fit, and sink full of dirty dishes and instead smile and laugh more while fellowshipping with friends. Saying "yes" has allowed me to take one step closer to a dream while building confidence and witnessing Chad's love for me as shown through his unwavering encouragement. 

Yes, 2014, I'm ready for you.

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