Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Busy

A recent favorite of Nora. 
At 95 percentile for height/length, most of her pants look like this.

Trust me, I'm not trying to make this blog a once a month deal, despite the appearance to the contrary. You all know life gets busy. It's not a new revelation exclusive to me. It just so happens when my life gets busy, this space seems to be the first thing that is neglected. But this time around, busy has been so good. Here are some updates.

I've been able to watch Nora discover... snow || Spring's tease of warm weather and sun || Koda as more than just another fixture in the home || laughter after peek-a-boo, flying (not so high) in the air, and Koda tickling her tummy || rice cereal || rolling from back to tummy and then a consequential melt-down because she hates lying on her tummy. I'm in love with her little person, my daughter, and pray she grows up with a sweet, sweet spirit.

Chad and I celebrated a marriage between two friends who are a living testimony to God's beautiful restoration. The joining of their families was a very precious moment to witness. I'm thankful to have been a part of that day.

The Lord has been working in my heart. Recently, I have felt an urging from Him, more than ever, to walk in love. My eyes have been open to specific situations where I am prompted to carry out peace, kindness, joy, grace, patience, forgiveness, generosity and humbleness. It truly is the Lord allowing me to recognize the opportunity to change my behavior accordingly to better represent Christ. There is still-always-so much room for me to grow in these areas, and I am thankful for the ability to be aware and practice this living.

Just yesterday, my students shared their senior projects with the CSD community. Their projects featured a diversified range of topics that included defining moments in their lives or a look into a personal topic of interest. I spent the time leading up to the event editing papers and fretting over the audiences' perception of it all. When the day came, I was reminded of the depth of my students' lives. I shed tears while watching one student share the story of her sister's adoption. I shed some more while seeing others moved by the death of a young man's father. I had a few more tears to part with while another student spoke about his grandfather's influence in his life. I will forever savor those moments.

Time with friends! Chad is facilitating a weekly financial class that allows us to host several good friends every Thursday evening. As a person who cringes at the word "budget", I have really enjoyed spending time with these people. Even if the conversation revolves around money.

Trying to be two perfect parents and full-time employees is hard. (It's really, seemingly, impossible, but I couldn't commit to using that word outside of parentheses. Too final and devoid of hope.) During the weekday evenings at home filled with dinner prep, laundry, minimal cleaning, quick snuggles before bed, grading, email catch-up, and other nominal tasks, I found myself neglecting my marriage. In it's place came nagging. You're not loading the dishwasher correctly. Why don't you put the iPad down and help me do _______. Can you feed/change/hold Nora? I feel like I'm doing everything.

Sound familiar to anyone? Please say yes.

By last Friday, we (I) were (was) downright unpleasant to be around. Commence date night. I've completely underestimated the power in attentive, uninterrupted conversation with my husband. Sure, the accompaniment of good food, wine, and dessert doesn't hurt. However, it was really the investment of time, honesty, and listening that did our marriage some good. Our brief retreat from the world allowed us to return a little bit more in (appreciative) love than before.

There's my busy. Hope your's gets a rest this weekend.

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